Posted by: doug308 | August 5, 2009

Doug The Headhunter. Take 1.

Hi guys! Welcome to Doug The Headhunter! Well, like everyone else in the known world I am starting a blog. In my case to talk a little (or sometimes a lot) about things like finding a job, finding the right people for your job, and doing those things in my current chosen market, which is commercial power generation. “Power generation” being a broad term used to described the processes, people and equipment your local electric company uses to keep the lights turned on for everyone.

First let me offer a little background on the author of this august publication. My name is Doug Mueller and I have been a professional recruiter for about 20 years. Along the way having recruited engineers for the defense industry, physicians (neurosurgeons, radiologists and cardiologists for the most part), and now engineers, management and corporate executives for the commercial power generation industry. For about 12 of those 20 years I was a one of the founding partners in a successful physician recruiting firm. I have trained a ton of people (one or two of whom I didn’t scare out of the profession), I have written manuals to train the ones who wouldn’t sit in the same room with me, and I have been interviewed a few times for some national publications. And I am really hoping that in the course of doing all of that I have accumulated enough information to come up with something you will all think is useful.

One of the first of those pieces of knowledge I would like to put to use is not to keep blathering on once you’ve made your point. So, I’ll let you go for now and I’ll get started on the real subject matter in my next entry. In the meantime please feel free to offer any suggestions that you think may improve my blog and to ask any questions that you think an old headhunter might be able to help you out with.

See you next time.

Doug The Headhunter


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