Posted by: doug308 | October 29, 2010

Are Modular/Scalable Reactors the Way of the Future?

With the cost of traditional nuclear power plants skyrocketing and governments unwilling to offer financial incentives to build such plants are the new scalable reactors the way of the future? On the surface of it such designs would seem to be the logical alternative and offer a far more flexible way for countries or even larger or very isolated communities to deal with the fast growing global power demands. But does the world agree? In ballpark numbers there are more than 50 nuclear reactors being built or are planned around the world right now and my understanding is that none of these are of the sort of alternative design I speak of. In part this has to do with the fact that comparatively speaking coal is cheap and many countries around the world have yet to jump on the ecological bandwagon so for them nukes just aren’t a high priority. However, that ecological pressure is increasing rapidly and it is doubtful that solar, wave and wind power will soon be able to compete on an industrial scale leaving few other options.

In my opinion these smaller scalable reactors are the way to go. So what is your opinion? Is there the will and market to support this new technology?


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