Posted by: doug308 | December 9, 2010


Some months ago I opened this blog as a way to both communicate industry news and throw out some ideas that would stimulate discussion among those of us working in the power generation. And of course perhaps develop some new business contacts for Dougtheheadhunter. And since then I have been fortunate enough to make a number of new friends and acquaintances and learn a great deal about the industry that only those of you with years of experience could have taught me.

Well with things changing so rapidly in the industry based on regulatory and legislative measures, the global economy and the inevitable progression in technology I wanted to reach out again and ask for you opinions of where you see things headed both generally in power generation and in your respective fields of expertise over the next one to five years. Will we see growth? If so, will that be in a specific area or technology? And of importance to my position do you think these changes will have an impact of the number of jobs available in the industry?

If you have taken the time to read this brief posting I would really appreciate it if you would take another moment to offer your thoughts. And check back from time to see if any of the other responses are worth commenting on.

In the interim if you would like to get a better feel for my background please take a look at my Linked In profile . And if you would like to contact me directly please feel free to give me a call or drop me an e-mail at;
Doug Mueller


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