Posted by: doug308 | December 20, 2010

Nuclear Fun Facts

Here are a few fun facts related to the nuclear power industry as related by the World Nuclear Association. And for those of you who have never visted this site I strong encourge you to do so. This is a great base of information on a broad array of related material that even a headhunter can understand.


*The USA is the world’s largest producer of nuclear power, accounting for more than 30% of worldwide nuclear generation of electricity.

*The country’s 104 nuclear reactors produced 799 billion kWh in 2009, over 20% of total electrical output.

*Following a 30-year period in which few new reactors were built, it is expected that 4-6 new units may come on line by 2018, the first of those resulting from 16 licence applications to build 24 new nuclear reactors made since mid-2007.

*Government policy changes since the late 1990s have helped pave the way for significant growth in nuclear capacity. Government and industry are working closely on expedited approval for construction and new plant designs.

*Nuclear power capacity worldwide is increasing steadily but not dramatically, with almost 60 reactors under construction in 15 countries.

*Most reactors on order or planned are in the Asian region, though there are major plans for new units in Europe, the USA and Russia.

*Significant further capacity is being created by plant upgrading.

*Plant life extension programs are maintaining capacity, in USA particularly.


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