Posted by: doug308 | January 18, 2011

Emergency Preparedness

Okay folks, it’s time for Dougtheheadhunter to put on his headhunter hat as ask from some help.

I am working with a well-know entity in the nuclear power industry with an office in DC that is actively looking for a Project Manager with a background in emergency preparedness. First let me point out that this is going to be a more senior position. So, rather than prowling around a plant, we’re talking about working with the NRC, company, and some other industry pros on a policy making level. As a result, there is a lot less travel, but probably more meetings.

Technically the position will certainly require experience working directly with all EP Program stakeholders, both on and offsite; this includes Operations, Security, Training, OROs, NRC, FEMA, and INPO. Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. On this last quality, let me point out that for those of you who have not had extensive one on one contact with the government agencies mentioned that in this case “communications skills” also includes having some level of diplomacy and the ability to easily jump back and forth across the line between government and private industry.

I have a lot of of other information I can pass along about this, so if you or a colleage would find this if interest your immediate inquiries are encouraged. Just take a look at the contact page of all of my numbers and e-mails. Thanks for the help guy and gals. Whatever you can do would be appreicated.


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