Posted by: doug308 | January 26, 2011

For Employers – The Definition of Recruiting

It is my opinion that all too often companies have sort of skewed idea of what “recruiting” is and isn’t. First, recruiting isn’t sifting through a bunch of resumes that responded to your ad or applied through a web site. That’s selecting, not recruiting. And just to be clear, selecting doesn’t find the best person for a given
position. It finds the best person who applied for the job, which is definitely not the same thing. Recruiting on the other hand, especially recruiting for a specific position is an active process that involves seeking out individuals that may not even be considering a new position and then selling them on why they should join your organization. This is a very different mentality than the gatekeeper mindset held by some HR departments where it is literally the order of the day to keep the wrong person out instead of getting the right person in.

Why is this definition of terms important? Well, because we are about to enter into a period in power generation where for the first time in about 30 years there will be a lot fewer people than jobs, especially in nuclear power where 60% of the workforce will be eligible for retirement in the next few years. That means if you want someone in the middle of their career the math is not in your favor and you’re going to have to come up with a pretty good reason for them to consider you over the other half dozen places trying to get them.

So, folks I would start talking with the HR department as you are firming up all of your hiring needs for the year and remind them that the point is getting people in, not screening them out.

Of course the very best way to accomplish this difficult task of find the hard to find people would be simply be to call Dougtheheadhunter and let him handle all of that nasty old recruiting work for you.


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