Posted by: doug308 | January 31, 2011

For Job Seekers-Don’t Get Greedy

In one of my recent posts I talked about some of the things done by employers during our recent economic dip that have could be construed as having taken advantage of people. However, like everything in life there are two sides to every coin and as we pull out of this situation I want to caution individuals from letting greed or vengeance get the best of them.

If you have been in one of those situations where your employer has used the economic crisis to get folks to work a ton of unpaid overtime or told you that you had better do this or that and be glad you have a job (intimating you might not if you don’t) it is all too easy to think about giving them a taste of their own medicine as things improve. Perhaps by bailing out on them for a higher paying job or demanding a big raise in pay while implying the threat of leaving them shorthanded in a critical time. But folks that is not a great way of thinking for a number of reasons, first as my mother always told me, “Take the high road” and “Two wrongs don’t make a right” a set of statements I hope I don’t have to explain to people. Second, professionally and personally what goes around comes around. So, you may take a hard line stand with your employer and win in the short term, but when it comes time for promotions or layoffs as a result of a project being cancelled your employer will likely have a long memory and you are going to end up at the top of s*#& list as a result of your actions. More importantly I have rarely ever seen someone make a move where the primary motivation is money (unless they were grossly underpaid by industry standards) or vengeance staying a position long term, and a short term stay can be a big red flag to anyone else you talk to in the future. I.e. if he left them for money why wouldn’t he do the same thing to us?

So, just think about it a little. Moving for better working conditions, good reason, moving for greed or vengeance, bad reason.


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