Posted by: doug308 | February 17, 2011

Is The Grid Prepared

A couple of times previously I have posted about the vunerability of our power grids to such things as a deliberately induced EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) and other factors. But my posts were related to the possibility of terrorist type attacks instead of the havoc Mother Nature herself can wreak on us. Well over the last few days I have run acroos a couple of pretty cool articles, one in the lates issue of Power Magazine and one on the BBC News web site that I thought you might all find pretty interesting. You’ll have to cut and paste the links to your browser. There seems to be a bit of an issue in creating links today.

The reason for this post is simply to reinforce the idea that while generating enough power to keep the lights burning is certainly a big deal, if we can’t get it to the end user we’ve go a big problem. So, while there is all sorts of talk about the “Smart Grid” maybe we should spend a little more time talking about a Hard Grid.


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