Posted by: doug308 | April 8, 2011

For Employers – Don’t Drag Your Feet

Recently I had a client learn a lesson about procrastination and the true meaning of the sales axiom “Time kills deals.”

The story starts more than a month ago when they interviewed a mid-level business development person. And from the start I could tell that things were going to be a little funny because the client seemed to hold the view that they had no responsibility to sell themselves to the candidate “because our reputation should be enough”. As a result they were vague with compensation numbers, slow with following up on the interview and non responsive to my inquiries about whether an offer would be forthcoming. Ultimately three weeks passed without the client offering any feedback whatsoever and the candidate not unsurprisingly went somewhere else. Just as importantly this was the third time this year the client had done the same thing with candidates I introduced. And for me it is a case of “three strikes and you’re out”. So, not only has my client lost three folks that they invested time effort and money into interviewing, because of their attitude and delays they have lost a recruiter that was able to place 12 people with them in the last year at a time when they are very short on talent.

The lesson here for employers if that once you start interviewing someone the clock is running and you are either gaining or losing momentum. The process cannot and will not remain static. As well you not the only game in town, candidates are talking with other folks that they consider just as good as you. Delays are bad. And in the absence of new information people will always assume the negative. So the longer they go without progress the more likely they are to think that you are either not interested in them or that there is something wrong with the situation. If you’re really serious about hiring (and you shouldn’t be interviewing people and raising expectations if you’re not) the worst thing you can do is nothing.


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