Posted by: doug308 | May 30, 2011

Shutting Down A Powerhouse?

The most powerful economy in Europe has apparently renounced nuclear power. (Sorry the link function is goofed up again Is this something that is even doable? I mean thus far the sort of massive industrial machines that built the house of Krupp used a lot of juice to get the job done. I guess the area along the North Sea could offer fairly steady wind power. But it takes a lot of windmills to run a steel plant. The same area might offer some level of wave/tidal options. However, according to the announcement Germany plans on phasing out nukes by 2022 and it would seem to me that even if the Germans decided to build a coal or gas plant/s to replace the loss of power generated by their nuke plants there simply isn’t enough time to build the facilties to meet that deadline.

Anyone have an opinion on this? Can they they pull this off in the real world?


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