Posted by: doug308 | August 8, 2011

Counter Offer Train Wreck

Today I had a placement fall apart because the candiate took a counter offer. Not just a regular counter offer, a 20% increase in pay counter offer! Sounds like a great deal huh? Well, for about the next month or so it will be. Because right about then her employer is going to cut her loose on their terms after they have her complete the current rush of business they are going through.

Look folks, if you’re ever in a position like this ask yourself a question. If I wasn’t worth this extra money last week, why am I all of the sudden worth it this week? Was I getting grossly underpaid and the company, in the face of my immiment departure has suddenly realized it’s mistake? Well, maybe. But probabaly not. And ask yourself another questions as well. Have the issues that made you consider a move in the first place been alleviated by the money, or extra vacation or whatever it is they offered you. Once again, probably not. Don’t let them lure you back to the situation you had already determined wasn’t worth staying in.

The Wall Street Journal and many other publications have conducted dozens of polls on this subject and the uniform results are that 95% of everyone that accepts a counter offer leaves their employer within six to twelve months of taking it. And this isn’t some headhunter BS designed to get you to go where we want you to be. These are cold hard repeatable and verifiable numbers. Ask around. Don’t take my word for it. Look up the articles on the web and check out the comments associated with them. Counter offers are not a good thing to pursue because as sure as God made little green apples you will be gone not too long afterward and not on your terms.

So if you take a counter offer I would go ahead and get your things packed up anyway. You won’t be hanging around long.


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