What Brings Them In?

In 20 years of recruiting I have had people tell me a lot of different things about what attracted them to a given opportunity. However, most of those end up in a few distinct categories, some of them personal and some of them professional. Here’s a short list to help you the next time you’re writing a Career Builder posting or getting ready to call a candidate for the first time.  Note; money ain’t on the list.

  • Challenge and the opportunity to learn more and expand skills
  • A company philosophy focused on people (customer and staff) not profit. The words “team” and “family” come to mind here
  • Seeing that they are valued and make a difference as opposed to being just another cog in the machine
  • Hearing that advancement comes from performance and effort not politics
  • Finding out that the company does not see smiling and hard work as mutually exclusive activities

So, as you are contemplating how to attract the people you want to have in the organization think more about what will make them happy on a professional or personal level than buying them. The old saying that “money isn’t everything” is very true when it comes to why people leave or join a particular company.


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