Drug Testing

I think it goes without saying that the abuse of illicit or legal drugs has no place in a power plant or in any workplace for all sorts of reasons. As a result drug testing is a common practice in today’s job market. In most cases that comes in the form of a cup with a lid and a trip to the bathroom. But in some cases it involves taking a small amount of hair or in extreme cases, some blood. Whatever the testing method current technology allows employers to test for a broad variety of legal and illegal drugs and detect even very small amounts in your system. That means they can realistically detect the fact that you smoked a joint six months ago even if you haven’t been around it since.  And while there are a variety of products on the market that claim they can mask the drugs to prevent their detection, they really don’t work. The truth being that in most cases the drugs, or more accurately the chemicals that make up the drugs, leave their residue in fat cells which then have to be burned or dissolved by the body in order to get the drugs out of your system. So, given that almost all companies drug test upon hiring, and most do random testing once you’re employed, if you take a couple of hits or pop a Valium without a prescription you can probably count on spending some time in the unemployment line.

Oh yeah! If you’re doing, or have recently done drugs, don’t call me. Because if I place you and then have the things shut down because you flunked the drug test I am going to feel it incumbent upon myself to call you up and make a number of unkind references regarding your decisional capabilities.


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